Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain), which is located in Huangshan City, the southern part of Anhui Province, has long been regarded as the most beautiful mountain in China. Famous for the splendid natural beauties, Huangshan Mountain has been listed as one of the World Natural and Cultural Heritages in 1990. It was called Yishan Mountain in ancient times. However, in 747 A.D, emperor Li Longji of the Tang dynasty believed that the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan (who was the legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation) had became an immortal here so he changed the name of the mountain to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).

Huangshan Mountain extends across many regions as Yixian County, Shexian County, Xiuning County, Huangshan District and Huizhou District. It extends 40 kilometers from south to north and 30 kilometers from east to west, covering an area of 1200 square kilometers, the highlights of which occupy 154 square kilometers. Within the vast area, the mountain offers a crowd of peaks. 72 of them have names indicating the shapes they resemble. Lotus, Brightness and Celestial Capital Peak are the three major ones, all rising above 1,800 meters. Each of the seventy-two peaks offers charming views with different shapes. Lotus Peak and Celestial Capital Peak are distinguished for their loftiness, steepness and grandeur, while Shixin Peak shooting out from the deep valley impresses people with its slenderness, quietness and delicacy. The mountains are a body of granite, often with vertical joints. When it is cloudy the pinnacles loom in mists as if they were illusionary. When the sun shines, they unfold in all their majesty and splendor.

Huangshan Mountain boasts abundant beautiful views and rich natural resources. It has many charming sights including one lake, three falls, twenty ponds, twenty-four streams and seventy-two peaks, with the most famous are the four wonders: picturesque pines, peculiar stones, sea of clouds and hot springs, which has attracted numerous visitors from both home and abroad. Wu Yue (Five Holy Mountains) is the collective name given to China's most important mountains, namely Mt. Taishan in Shandong Province, Mt. Huashan in Shaanxi Province, Mt. Hengshan in Shanxi Province, Mt. Songshan in Henan Province and Mt. Hengshan in Hunan Province. It is said that you won't want to visit any other mountains after seeing Wu Yue, but you won't wish to see even Wu Yue after returning from Mt. Huangshan. This saying may give you some clues about the beauty and uniqueness of Mt. Huangshan.

The beautiful Huangshan Mountain had attracted many people since ancient times. The renowned poet Li Bai in Tang dynasty had once visited Huangshan and wrote some poems. Xu Xiake---the most famous traveler and geographer in Ming dynasty and the author of "Xu Xiake Travelogue" had used two of his notebooks to describe the beauty of Mt. Huangshan. Many other scholars as Chen Ye, Xue Yong and Pan Zhiheng have also visited Huangshan and left their traces. Nowadays, many stone inscriptions of the ancient people could still be seen on the cliffs. There are also many poems paying tributes to Huangshan Mountain.
Since Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area is very large, so once visitors get tired or reluctant to climb the mountain by foot, telphers are very good choice. At present, Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area has totally built three sections of telpher: the Cloud Valley Telpher runs from the Cloud Valley Temple to the White Goose Peak; Jade Screen Telpher runs from the Merciful Light Pavilion (Ci Guang Pavilion) to Jade Screen Pavilion; Taiping Telpher connects the Pine Valley Nunnery to the Pine Forest Peak. With the assistance of the telpher, the travel is much more easier and visitors could see many nice views in a high point at the same time.

Four Seasons in Mt. Huangshan
Four Wonders of Mt. Huangshan
Sunrise and Sunset in Mt. Huangshan
Scenic Areas of Mt. Huangshan

-North Sea Scenic Area
-Hot Spring Scenic Area
-White Cloud Scenic Area
-Jade Screen Scenic Area
-Pine Valley Scenic Area
-Cloud Valley Scenic Area

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