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Five Springs Park

Five-spring Park is lying at the foot of Gaolan Hill southeast of the city. It is a landscaped park rises up to 1600 meters. A panoramic view of the city can be got by mounting it.

The park is named for its five crystal springs. Legend has it that Han Emperor Wudi sent General Huo Qubing to defend the northern border which was under attack by Huns in 120 B.C. When the troops approached the Gaolan Hill with thirsty and tired, they found no water here. General Huo tried to find water by himself. When he whipped upon a stone with rage for fail of finding water, five pure springs gushed out supernaturally! The springs have been flowing to today.

The highest one of the five springs is called "Amrita Spring". There is a legend that anyone who drinks the water from this spring will become eternal. The "Moziquan (Spring of Son)" also has a very interesting legend. There are many screes and tiles at the bottom of the spring. People who retrieve the screes would get a son. There are other three springs, namely, Hui Spring, Juyue Spring and Meng Spring.

The park contains many temples and pavilions which were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Of these, the Hall of Adamantine (Jingan gong) and Temple of Reverent Solemnity (Chongqing si) are the best. A 5.3 meter-high bronze statue of Adamantine is enshrined in the Hall of Adamantine. While the latter houses a 10 feet high ancient bronze bell which dates back to 1202 AD.

There are many activities are held in the park. Locals celebrate with general festivity and a pretty flower exhibition. Every year around mid-May (8th April by the traditional Chinese calendar), there is an annual Temple Fair. During the Spring Festival, a Lantern Festival takes place in it.

The Five Springs Mountain Park is a pretty area of mountain scenery, artificial temples and winding paths.


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