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Lanzhou Tour

Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu province. In ancient times Lanzhou was an important city on Silk Road Trade Route, and also it is the second largest city in northwest China. It is a comparatively prosperous urban area in Gansu province. Even today Lanzhou is the transportation hub in northwest China. Photo of Huanghe River
There are many world famous tourist sites in Lanzhou, such as Water Wheel Park, the White Pagoda Hill Park, the Bingling or Thousand Buddha Caves and Five Spring Mountain Park.
With mountains in the south and north of the city and the Yellow River flowing from the east to the west, Lanzhou is a beautiful modern city with both the grand beauty of northern cities and the prettiness of southern cities.
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Lanzhou Tour type
Lanzhou Tour can provide the following tour types to all the visitors to Lanzhou: Lanzhou one day private tour, Lanzhou 4 days private tour,Lanzhou airport transfer and Lanzhou train station transfer.

Lanzhou Tour Routes Provided by Chinatravelkey
Lanzhou One day tour
LZ-PO-01. Lanzhou one day private tour
LZ-PO-02. Lanzhou one day private tour of Binglingsi Grottoes
LZ-PO-03. Lanzhou one day tour of Zhongshan Bridge and Yellow River

Lanzhou Private Tour
LZ-PH-01. Lanzhou 4 days private tour
LZ-PH-02. 4 days private tour of Lanzhou and Xiahe

Lanzhou Transfer Service
LZ-PT-01. Lanzhou airport transfer
LZ-PT-02. Lanzhou train station transfer

Place to Start Lanzhou TourLanzhou City View
English-speaking guide will pick you up at the airport, the train station or in your hotels and then lead you to your longing scenic place.

Best Season of Lanzhou Tour
Lanzhou has a typical temperate, semi-arid continental monsoon climate. It is dry all year round with plenty of sunshine and the temperature differs from day and night a lot. Spring is warm and gentle, and it is suit for travel and outdoor activities. Summer is short in Lanzhou. It is also hot; sometimes there has downpours during daytime. Temperature differs the most during day and night autumn, and winter is always fiercely cold, with usual temperature that below 0°C. Generally speaking, spring and summer are good time for your Lanzhou tour. But if you want to attend the annual “Lanzhou Silk Road Festival” in August and September, you’d better change your plan to autumn.
Time Zone: East 7 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Lanzhou is very dry, so it is suggest that drink much water to keep balance.
Take thin coat or T-shirt in spring. Spring in Lanzhou may be warmer than other tourist cities. Summer is hot with strong sunshine and sometimes it rains. Take an umbrella or raincoat in case of the sudden rain. Surely you should prepare some sun block method such as wearing sunglasses and hat. Autumn may be cold, take warm clothes if you visit Lanzhou in mid October or November. Prepare down jackets and thick sweaters for winter.

Lanzhou Tour Photo
Lanzhou City View Huanghe River Huanghe River Lanzhou Red Hill Park Zhongshan Bridge

Accommodation of Lanzhou Tour
There have some good hotels in Lanzhou, about fifty accommodations could be chosen by the travelers. Five stars hotel are few in the city. Various kinds of hotels can meet all the needs from visitors. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, even you are stay in a small hotel the services will also be great. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Lanzhou Traffic: Ways to get in Lanzhou:
--Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport is located about 70 kilometers from the downtown area. It has more than thirty airlines depart to many major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi’an, etc.
--Lanzhou Railway Station is located in the downtown of Lanzhou. There are trains goes to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi’an, Xining, Urumqi and Hohhot, etc.
--Lanzhou has buses depart to Xinjiang, Baotou, Xining, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Wenzhou. There are two major bus station in Lanzhou—Lanzhou East Bus Station and Lanzhou West Bus Station.
Internal Transport: Referring to getting around the city, Lanzhou has enough city buses provided to visitors for sightseeing. They are always runs between 6:00 am to 9:30 pm. It is convenient and economic to travel by bus.
There are many taxies can offer service to the travelers, you can easily get a taxi in Lanzhou. They are not so expensive, too. If you need some privacy on journey, take a taxi will be a good choice.

Lanzhou Zhongshan BridgeLanzhou Tour Tips
Time: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Lanzhou and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.
Food: Lanzhou food is heavily influenced by the Hui ethnic minority group with a lot of mutton and beef for ingredient, food flavor is spicy and salty. Gansu cuisine is features of roasting, steaming, and braising. Typical dishes include Jincheng Baita, Jincheng Babao Melon Carving, Baihe Tao, and albino leeks with chicken and roasted pork. Lanzhou Beef Noodles is the most famous local dish in Lanzhou. As many Hui people live in Lanzhou, barbequed mutton, boiled mutton, and lamb with wide vermicelli are local delicacies among the various ethnic groups. There are so many local delicacies that can not be counted unless you come to Lanzhou and taste them yourself.
There are two famous food streets in Lanzhou: Lanzhou Delicacy Street and Dazhong Food Alley where visitors can enjoy many local delicacies. You can find traditional dishes including Lanzhou hand-pulled beef noodles, stuffed honeydew melon, and roasted piglets here.
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
Lanzhou is one of the best places to pick up some local products and handcrafts. Numerous good shopping places can cater the need of all kinds of travelers. Chinese herbal medicines like aweto, astragalus, Chinese angelic Dong Quai, codonopsis pilosula, lily, sanpaotai tea, rose, and wolfberry series are highly therapeutic and precious in Lanzhou. Referring to foods, Sanpaotai, Honey Dew melon and other fruits like Lanzhou peach, Lanzhou Ruan’er are all worth to taste.
·Where to buy?
If you want some specialties in Lanzhou, Guwan Zihua Cheng in Yantan iLanzhou Museums a good place to go. There have many shops and offering antiques, calligraphies, paintings, the four treasures of the study, jade ware, jewelry, porcelain, copper ware, root carving, strange stones, old coins, stamps, etc.
Other good places for shopping are: Gansu Antique Shop
Gansu Art Service Store
Gansu Cuibao Zhai
Gansu Overseas Tourist Department Store
Shulin Zhai
·Silk Road Festival is held in August or September. During the festival, the special Dunhuang tour starts from Lanzhou along the foot of Qilian Mountain to the west, through Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan and Jiayuguan, and finally arrived in Dunhuang. The festival attracted numerous travelers from both domestic and abroad.
·Lanzhou Mill Wheel Festival is held in July every year. The festival stars with a grand opening ceremony. Flags with Waterwheel Festival logo, colorful balls, drums and local music are indispensable elements in the ceremony. The whole scene forms a unique picture of the western China scenery.
·Other festivals are Labrang Monastery held in Xiahe County and Hua’er Folk Music Festival at Lanhua Mountain.
Customs: The most important thing that travelers need to pay attention is Do Not eat pork in some circumstance. There are many Muslim in Lanzhou, and pork is forbidden to be eaten in some Muslim restaurants. Ask your guide first before you order the meal.

Recreation in Lanzhou
You have plenty options for recreation in Lanzhou such as diverse night-snack stands, going to various types of bars and grotesque nightclubs, enjoy romantic cafes, watching exciting cinemas, and visit nostalgic theaters, etc.
If you want to spend your nightlife with some performances and opera, or go to a Chinese tea house the following places may be good ones:
Jin Long Men Tea House (No.37 Jinchang Road)
Du Shi Tea House (No.144 Baiyin Road)
Gansu Dunhuang Art Theater (No.1710 East Donggang Road)
Gansu Qin Opera Troupe (No.39 Nongmin Xiang)
--Some good bars and clubs to recommend:
Shi Er Ma (Gannan Lu Xiduan, Chengguan District)
Tianlong Snooker Club (Dazhong Market)
Lanzhou Longsheng Bowling Club (No.263, Gaolan Lu)

LanzhouMust-see Attractions of Lanzhou Tour
Binglingsi Monastery: It is located on the small Jishi Hill, in the west of Yongjing County. The caves, carved out of the cliff’s porous stone, contain over 700 statues, of both clay and porous rock, and hundreds of frescoes. The grottoes are made up of three sections: Shangsi, Donggou and Xiasi. Shangsi was damaged by fire in the past, and now only a few Buddha statues remain. Among all the caves in Bingling Temple Grottoes, Cave No. 169 stands out for its steepness and delicacy. The Bingling Temple Grottoes are the earliest example of grotto carving in Chinese history.
Five Spring Mountain Park: Five Spring Mountain Park is situated in the south part of the downtown area in Lanzhou. The park lies in the northwest part of Gaolan Mountain. With the occupation of 266400 square meters it is the largest park in Lanzhou. The park is well-known for its tranquil and beautiful scenery with lush forest, gurgling springs, a lot of ancient temples. The park is a sacred place for the locals. Buddhists throngs here to worship on 8th, April according to he Chinese calendar.
Gansu Province Museum: It is the largest and most comprehensive museum in the province. The museum was built in 1956 with the total area of 18000 square meters. There are 75,000 cultural relics and antiques in the museum, including over 110 pieces of first class antiques such as Gansu color-painted pottery and bamboo slips on medication of the Han era. The most notable item is the bronze Galloping Horse of Gansu, which is known in Chinese as “Horse with a Hoof on a Swallow.”
White Pagoda Park: Situated on the White Pagoda Hill, this park is named for the location. It was first built in Yuan Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. The White Pagoda Park covers an area of more than 8,000 square meters. The mountain was once famed for its “Three Treasures”: the Elephant Skin Drum, Redbud and Bronze Bell. There are three clusters of ancient buildings standing on top of the mountain. The pagoda is seven-storied octagonal shaped with a height of around 17 meters.
Zhongshan Bridge: This Bridge was made of iron, and situated on the foot of the Baita Mountain. It is the symbol of Lanzhou City for its majestic looks and uniqueness. Also it is the earliest bridge on the Yellow River which first built in 1372 and rebuilt in 1909. Zhongshan Bridge is a five-arch bridge resting on five piers. In 1942, it was renamed as the Zhongshan Iron Bridge in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and was reinforced in 1954.

Lanzhou Tour Photo
Lanzhou City View Huanghe River Huanghe River Lanzhou Red Hill Park Zhongshan Bridge

Note of Lanzhou Tour
Lanzhou Tour advises you: Please take care of yourself when you are in bus or shopping area. There are many thiefs in Lanzhou.

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