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Lanzhou is the capital city as well as the political, economical and cultural centerof Gansu Province. Photo of Lanzhou Zhongshan BridgeWith an area of 14,000 square kilometer, the city situates in the upper reaches of the central Yellow River in the northwest of China. It has a large population of 3.2 million with many ethnic groups including Hui, Tibetan, Bonan, Dongxiang, Yugur and Salar. The city topography has formed by valleys, basins, hilly land and gully area with the Yellow River flows through from east to the west. With annual temperature of 8.9 and average annual precipitation of 331mm, Lanzhou has a semi-dry climate in temperate zone.
Lanzhou was once called the Golden City and has a history over 2,000 years. It located in the Hexi Corridor, or "Corridor West of the Yellow River", in which early Chinese civilization began. The city was founded in Qin Dynasty and became a major city in Silk Road during Han Dynasty. And became a Buddhist study center in the following centuries. With such historical and culture background, Lanzhou has many historical relics and attractions including the Binglingsi Monastery, White Pagoda Park, Gansu Provincial Museum, Five Springs Mountain Park and Zhongshan Bridge. When you visit Beijing, you can enjoy the Qinqiang Drama and taste the delicious Lanzhou beef noodles.
Lanzhou is rich in natural resources. It has abundant waterpower. The mineral includes coal, gold, silver, zinc, nickel, manganese, clay and dolomite. The major industries in Lanzhou are textile mills, rubber, fertilizer plants, oil refinery, Petro-chemical and metallurgical industry. The main agriculture products include spring wheat, vegetables, beans, oil-boiling, melon, peaches, and tobacco, roses and lilies. Lanzhou is known as one of the largest oil-refining center in China.
Lanzhou has convenient communication. It is the rail, highway, and air hub and the junction point to Xinjiang in northwest China. Flights from Lanzhou fly to more than 20 cities around the country. The railway and expressway here can take people to many major cities in China.

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Five Springs Mountain Park ,Gansu Provincial Museum ,White Pagoda Park ,Zhongshan Bridge,Binglingsi Monastery

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