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Emperor Han Wudi

Emperor Han Wudi (140-87 B.C.), called Liu Che, was the fifth emperor of the Western Han of maoling tomb He came to the throne at 16 and was in power for 54 years. He was the emperor for the longest period in the history of China.
During his reign, Emperor Han Wudi thoroughly consolidated the autocratic state of centralized power in the feudal society. Emperor Han Wudi deprived every dependent state of their titles of nobility by means of various pretexts.He established the Imperial College to train qualified officials and talents to strengthen feudal centralization. Emperor Han Wudi announced that coin-minting was forbidden among the people and the local governments, and only the coins minted by the central government could be in circulation. By this means, he brought the financial and economic right sunder the control of the imperial court.The government imposed heavy property tax on industrialists and businessmen to enhance the income of the court. The Western Han Dynasty became unprecedentedly rich and powerful.
Emperor Han Wudi also had great cultural talent.He setup an organization called "Yuefu", an official conservatory to collect and compose folk songs and ballads and for training musicians. Yuefu poems had a great influence on later periods. In order to achieve the unity of academic thought, Emperor Han Wudi accepted the Confucius, Dong Zhongru's proposal of "rejecting the other schools of thought and respecting only Confucianism". Confucian thought gradually became an orthodox theory and had a far-reaching influence on Chinese philosophy.
Emperor Han Wudi launched three important battles against the Hun invaders on the northern border. He also sent Zhang Qian as Chinese ambassador to establish relations with the Western Regions. Zhang opened the well-known Silk Road, which has become an international commercial road and a bridge of friendship between China and the west.

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Photo of Maoling Mausoleum
photo of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tombphoto of maoling tomb

photo of maoling tomb
photo of maoling tombphoto of maoling tomb

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