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Yichang Tour

yichang-three-gorges-damLocated on the northern bank of Yangtze River in Hubei province, Yichang is one of the most important tourist cities in China. The history of this ancient city can be traced back to four thousand years ago. Yichang is the birthplace of Chu culture and the hometown of Wang Zhaojun. Moreover, Yichang has been thrust into the world limelight since the start of the “Three Gorges” Project (the Three Gorges being the Xiling Gorge, Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge). The city was also regarded as an important strategic city in ancient China. It boasts numerous famous sites, historical spots and cultural legends, there are many famous attractions in the area, including Three Traveler’s Cave, Coffin Rock, Golden Lion Cave and Gezhouba Dam.
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Best Season of Yichang Tour
Yichang has a humid, monsoon climate of the subtropics, and rainfall is frequently in the city. The weather is very hot and humid in summer. June and July are the hottest months during the season. While winter is fairly cold and freezing, hence both winter and summer is not suit for travel. Spring and autumn would be a little better for visit the city. The weather would turn better and the traffic would not be influenced by the climate either.
Time Zone: East 8 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
Long-sleeve and a overcoat will be fine for spring and autumn, if you need to go out at night better wear more in case of the sudden drop in temperature. Summer would be very hot and rainy, an umbrella is necessary for the season. Moreover, T-shirts, shorts and skirts are the basic wearing for summer. Jeans would make you feel uncomfortable in such a hot climate. For winter, down jacket, gloves and scarf is necessary to keep warm since it will be freezing in Yichang. Don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, and that will helps in any season, any time.

yichang-three-gorges-damAccommodation of Yichang Tour
Most of the hotels are located in downtown area of Yichang city. There are also some of them situated in Sanxiaku District, some hotels are just beside the scenic area Xilingxia, and they are convenient for sightseeing. Accommodations ranging from five stars to three stars are all available. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, even you are stay in a small hotel the services will also be great. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Traffic: Ways to Get in Yichang
--Located in Xiating District, Sanxia Airport is an important airport in Yichang. The airport was built in 1996; it has flights depart to more than twenty domestic cities and has four international airlines now. Big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, etc are all destinations included. The international airlines fly to and from Hong Kong and Japanese, which is only temporary for now until established routes can be maintained. There are shuttle buses runs between the airport and downtown area everyday.
There have two railway stations in Yichang, the Yichang East Railway Station and Yichang Railway Station. Yichang East Railway Station has trains running to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Changsha and Hangzhou everyday. While Yichang Railway Station has trains runs to Wuhan and Shanghai now.
Internal Transport: Travelers can get around the city by bus and taxi. Bus system is complicated in Yichang city. Travelers can take bus to many places in the city. It is an economic way for travel in the city. Taxis are convenient, too. Taxi fare in Yichang city is not so expensive, and they are efficient. If you want to keep privacy, taxi is the best choice for your tour.

Yichang Tour Tipsyangtze-river-cruise-yichan-pier
Time: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Yichang and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.
Food: Yichang food is juicy, salty, fresh and spicy with strong local characteristics but also similar to Sichuan cuisines. Prickly ash, hot pepper and chili powder play an important role in the dining of Yichang people. Seafood and fish is abundant in Yichang since it is located beside the Yangtze River. Except local specialties, foods from other cities are also available in Yichang. The reprehensive dishes of Yichang are the Old Nine Bowls, Three Gorges Pearl Soup, Sanyou Chicken, Basha Fat Fish and shelled shrimp stuffed mushroom, etc. Local snacks here are also popular, such as Liangxia, cold cordate Houttuynia, etc.
Xiba river side, Xiaomian Streeet in North Huancheng Road and Changjiang fish Street are famous food streets in Yichang. Local specialties and snacks are popular in those streets. Sichuan cuisines could be found in Baren Street and Delicacies Street on Zhongshan Road are popular in some restaurants.
--Here are some restaurants to recommend:
Xiaopinghu Restaurant (No.58, Desheng Street)
Shaogongji Restaurant (No.1, Sixinheng Road)
Xianyoumei Restaurant (No.1, Sixinheng Road)
Wangjiao Seafood Restaurant (No.1, Hongxing Road)
Hongxing Restaurant (No.25, Hongxing Road)
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
Due to its favorable climate, there are many special fruits worth to taste in Yichang city. Citrus and kiwi fruit are the representative ones. Yichang is also popular for the unique flavor of tea and wine they produce. Another local specialty is the Three Gorges Stone, featuring natural patterns, which local people believe have important symbolism. Other special local goods are black muer, kongjac, chestnut, persimmon, Jinshui Pear, fragrant mushrooms, Changyang Straw handicraft.
·Where to buy?
Yichang’s shopping malls are mainly located in the New Age Shopping Plaza in Jiefang Road, International Trade Building in Xiling Road, as well as the Yiling Tea Wholesale Markets.
--Here are some shopping places with exact address in Yichang:
Guomao Mansion (Yiling Square, Dongshan Road)
Yichang Bazaar (Yiling Square, Dongshan Road)
Yasi Shopping Plaza (Gongyi Mansion, Yiling Road)
Shi Dai Shopping Plaza (No.52, Jiefang Road)
Jiuzhou Shopping Plaza (No.132-2, Xinghuo Road)
Shui Jing Chang (Tao Hua Cun Road)
yichang-streetFestivals and Customs: Festivals and customs in Yichang are almost the same with traditional Chinese festivals and customs. Spring Festival, Lantern Festival in January 15 on the lunar calendar, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boast Festival on the 5th day of the fifth month in Chinese lunar calendar, Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15 in the lunar calendar and Double Nine Festival on the ninth day of the ninth of Chinese lunar month will all be celebrated in Yichang.

Recreation in Yichang
Travelers can find many recreation ways in Yichang. The folk culture and art of the Tujia people is a high point of Yichang's tourism. There are 8 kinds of folk songs, such as "Mountain Songs", "Field Songs", "Lantern Tune", etc. The minority Tujia people is particularly good at traditional ensemble of Chinese wind and percussion instruments performances. The unique Changyang dancing show, adapted from the local funeral dances, is always enjoyed by visitors. Those are the traditional ways for fun. Moreover, tea house, cinema and bars, clubs as well as coffee house are also available for young people. Shows and performances could be seen in Pinghu Theater, Wuyi Theater and Yichang Theater.
--Bars and clubs are:
Tango Nightclub (Yunji Road)
Hongfan Club (Yunji Road near the overpass on Yunji Road and Jiefang Road)
Club 66 (Jiefang Road near Times Square)
Dragon Bar (Ermalu Road)
Happy Hometown Bar (Jiefang Road near overpass)

Must-see Attractions of Yichang Tour
Three Gorges Dam: Three Gorges Dam is located at Sandouping Town about twenty-seven miles away from Yichang city. The Dam was constructed in 2009, and is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. This huge project shows the hydroelectric project, natural scenery in three gorges, cultures and customs. There is a three-floor exhibition hall with miniature models to show the whole project. Besides, there are also some fountains, waterfalls, streams, lawns, which make the travel zone a wonderland. Travelers can have a birds eye view from the travel zone in the Dam.
yichang-airportyichang-airportFormer Residence of Wang Zhaojun: The Residence is located in Baoping. It is a little village near Yichang city. There is a residence of Wang Zhaojun who was regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history. The residence of Wang Zhaojun is just near the gate of the village. The house is tall, full of rooms with high ceilings, and with winding corridors. A large garden park surrounds the house, with a terraced flower garden displaying hundreds of flowers, which, in season, blossom luxuriantly. Prominently placed in the garden park is a three-meter-high figure of Wang Zhaojun made of white marble. It is a good place to go for knows more about Chinese history and Wang Zhaojun.
Chinese Sturgeon Museum: Located in XiaoXita Town, Chinese Sturgeon Museum is a part of the Chinese Sturgeon Garden. The museum was set up in 1993 by the Chinese Sturgeon Research Institute. Chinese sturgeon, also known as Green Sturgeon, is a kind of migration fish. Having lived on the earth for 140 million years, the Chinese sturgeon is one of the oldest vertebrate lying between chondrichthian and bony fish. During your trip to the Chinese Sturgeon Museum, you will have the opportunity to enjoy seeing not only Chinese sturgeon but also Russia sturgeon, American Paddlefish, Amur sturgeon, Hybrid sturgeon and many more.
Gezhouba Dam: Gezhouba Dam is located in the suburbs of Yichang city. The Dam is the experimental dam of the Three Gorges Dam Project. At the first sight of this giant project, people will surely be astonished at its size and the majestic waterfall pouring from water gates. The Dam is very magnificent and is worth to go cruise for visit.

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