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Zhuhai Tour

Zhuhai is located in the south of Guangdong province, just on the Zhuhaiwest bank of the Pearl River and sea-going outlets and on the Shore of the South China Sea, also it is close to Macau in the south. With its amazing large green area, the city is a modern ecotypic resort. In 1998, it won the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment. Since then, Zhuhai has become known to the world as a most suitable place for human living. Zhuhai is also famous for its hot springs and golf clubs where you can take a break from sightseeing. There are so many beautiful sceneries and tourist sites such as the New Summer Palace, the Four Buddhist Mountains Scenic Area, Pearl Amusement Park, Jinzhou City, Zhuhai Fishing Girl and other good places are waiting for your visit.
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Best Season of Zhuhai Tour
Due to its low latitude Zhuhai enjoys a subtropical marine climate. Typhoon comes a lot in Zhuhai during a year. Sometimes it comes even in May, June and July. It is warm and humid in Zhuhai and usually rains a lot. The best time to visit Zhuhai is the half year form November to the next April. The temperature is suitable and there will not be so much rain during those months. Summer is very hot in Zhuhai and winter is mild and not so cold. Zhuhai is one of the best places to enjoy holidays in China.
Time Zone: East 8 time zone

Clothes and other Staffs to Pack
In summer ad autumn typhoon comes occasionally take wind coat and umbrella when you visit Zhuhai in these seasons. Summer is very hot, better wear sunglasses and hat. Take some shorts, skirts andcomfortable shoes. Winter in Zhuhai is not so cold, sweaters and overcoat is enough for the weather. The coldest month in Zhuhai is January and February.

Accommodation of Zhuhai TourZhuhai
There are almost one hundred hotels with star ratings in Zhuhai. Most of them are built leaning mountains and facing water. Hotels ranging from five stars to three stars are all available. All the hotels include some budget hotels are completely facilitated and with elegant designation, even you are stay in a small hotel the services will also be great. It is recommended that visitors make reservation in advance in the tourist season.
Traffic: Ways to Get in Zhuhai
--Zhuhai Sanzao Airport was established in 1995. This airport has over 30 domestic routes connecting Zhuhai with several majorcities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Haikou, Xiamen, and other cities. Travelers can take plane to Zhuhai easily. Moreover, there are shuttle buses runs between the airport and some place in the city.
--Zhuhai North Railway Station is the temporary terminus of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit which is a high-speed railway dedicated to the traffic link between Guangzhou and Zhuhai. It is the first station when the Guangzhu Intercity MRT enters Zhuhai and the only railway station in service now in the city.
--As an important harbor city along the southern coast of China Zhuhai has many islands and ports. There have three main passenger ports Jiuzhou Port, Wanzai Port and Doumen Port. Travelers can come to Zhuhai from Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen.
Internal Transport: City bus in Zhuhai city is convenient and economical. The public bus network in Zhuhai is excellent. Large numbers of advanced buses in good condition really bring you convenience.
Sightseeing bus in Zhuhai is popular among travelers. There are two routes of the sightseeing buses cover most of the famous attractions of Zhuhai.
Traveling by taxi is more privacy and faster. Zhuhai boasts more than one thousand taxies and they will bring you to every corner of the city.

ZhuhaiZhuhaiZhuhai Tour Tips
Time: Better avoid the period from May 1 to May 7 and October 1 to October 7 because there is long national vacation in China, it will be so crowd in Zhuhai and also all around the nation, so pick a good time outside that.
Food: Food in Zhuhai is familiar to Shenzhen food. It is belonging to Cantonese Cuisine. Thanks to its coastal location, travelers can taste the finest seafood in very reasonable price. They are fresh and inexpensive. So much good seafood you can enjoy in Zhuhai such as fresh oysters, green crabs, lobsters, urchins, barnacles and the general's caps. Zhuhai cuisine integrates delicacies throughout the world. The dishes feature a wide range of raw materials, diversified colors and new designs with rich flavors of South China. Special local dishes are Zhuhai roasted pigeon, roast pig, abalone cooked like a peacock, Deishi rock oyster of Yinkeng and lotus root of Baiteng Lake.
--Some good restaurant to recommend:
Jinyuexuan Restaurant (No.265, South Qinglu Road, Xiangzhou District)
Deyuefang Restaurant (Yeli Island, Xiangzhou District)
Shishen Restaurant (Dieshi, Gangwan Avenue, Xiangzhou District)
Hengqin Oyster Restaurant (Fuxiang Bay Oyster Farm, Hengqin, Xiangzhou District)
Yuren Matou Restaurant (No.3013, Nanwan Road, Wanzai, Xiangzhou District)
Water: Tap water in the hotel could not be drink directly.
·What to buy?
Zhuhai offers local specialties like the big oysters, eels as well as seashell ornaments. You can find anything they want at Zhuhai, from women’s clothes, first class imitation signature goods and accessories to antiques, furniture, artwork and handicrafts and so on. The most famous are the large number of aquatic products including fish, eel, oyster sauce, crabs, prawns and teal.
·Where to buy?
If you want to purchase some special local products, well-known commercial areas include Lotus Shopping Street, South Yingbin Road Commercial Area, Jingshan Road Commercial Area, and Qinglv Road Commercial Area. In addition, there is a special market in Zhuhai, known for its range of dry seafood and seafood jewelry, called Wan Chai Seafood Market. You can find almost everything you want in those places.
Zhuhai--Some shopping Malls and department stores to recommend in Zhuhai:
Zhuhai Duty Free Store: No. 220, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou DistrictMaoye Department Store: 1-3F No. 301, Zijin Road, Xiangzhou DistrictJusco: No. 1088, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou DistrictZhuhai Shopping Mall: No. 222, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou DistrictXiangzhou Department Store: No. 1136, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District
Festivals and Customs: China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition is held in Zhuhai every two years in November. It is the only international aerospace exhibition in China approved by the central government and one of the most influential air shows in the Asian-Pacific Region, featuring real-size aircraft display, technical exchange, trade discussion, and flying performance.

Recreation in Zhuhai
The coastal city Zhuhai has various kinds of water entertainment activities are prevailing there on the Pearl River estuary. Except sightseeing and shopping travelers can enjoy much other ways for relax. Jiuzhou port has sightseeing boats departing at 18:30 and 20:30 every night. Clubs and pubs as well as local shows and performances are all available.
If you like some performance or movie Huoxinghu Cinema and Ocean Spring Resort Dream Theater are good place to go. Good teahouses are Hometown Teahouse, New Yuan Ming Palace and Sanguiting Teahouse.
Some popular bars and nightclubs to recommend:
Allen Club, Bossa Nova Music Café, Jack and Magic Pea, Live Bar, Pele Coffee, Red Bar and SKY in SKY.

ZhuhaiMust-see Attractions of Zhuhai Tour
New Yuan Ming Palace: It also called New Summer Palace. Built as the Summer Palace in Beijing, New Yuan Ming Palace is the same size as the one in the capital. It reflects numerous scenic spots with its old construction style combined with modern features. Located at the foot of Shilin Mountain on Jiuzhou Avenue New Yuan Ming Palace is surrounded with green mountains on three sides. It is one of the first 4A level scenic areas in China. It is an imitation garden comprising eighteen of the original forty sights.
Seaside Park (Fisher Girl Statue): The most famous thing in this park is the fisher girl statue of the picturesque Xianglu Bay. The girl wears a necklace and ties nets around her waist with her trouser legs slightly rolled up. She holds a pearl high in the air with both hands in an elegant pose, as if declaring publicly its bright luster and offering a precious treasure. It was China’s first seaside statue. In 2005, the government issued a set of envelops called “beautiful Zhuhai”, on which a picture of the Fisher Girl Statue is drawn.
JIntai Temple: It is a Buddha temple at the south foot of the 583-meter-high Huangyang Mountain. The temple has three main entrance halls leading inside. The temple is a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Many other facilities are planned for this area, financed by local government and a large amount of Buddhist donations.

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