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Achievement of Confucius

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Discover the Culture Achievement of Confucius

Modern scholars regard Confucius as the author of some of the classics. The Following Order of arrangement of the Six Classics are part of achievement of Confucius.Bell and Drum Tower

The Book of Poetry - Shi
The Book of Rites - Shu
The Book of Rites - Li
The Book of Music - Yue
The Book of Music - Yi
The Book of Changes -Chunqiu

Confucius is supposed to have arranged his own works in a sort of psychological order, from simple to complex, as a great teacher would do, Shi, Shu, Li and Yue constitute the general course of study, while Yi and Chunqiu are more of a technical nature and represent ancient concepts brought forward and captured in Confucius time, and constitute a higher course of study. Shi and Shu are used for reading or symbolic education; Li and Yue are for practice or moral education; Yi and Chunqiu represent the philosophy of Confucius. They contain his social and political theories and cannot be understood by ordinary students. They are the technical learning and belong to a higher form of education. That is why they are put at the end of the whole course of study. The Yi or The Book of Change has origins form ancient times rooted in the Yin-Yang and Five Agencies theory.

Confucius was primarily a moral teacher. Love (Ren), the rules of proper conduct (Li), filial piety, and doctrine of the Mean (Zhongyong) are the four main topics of moral teaching and part achievement of Confucius.

Discover more about Confucius:
The substance of the teaching of Confucius can be grouped under three headings, namely: moral, intellectual, and religious. Confucius was mainly interested in the moral life of men. The intellectual aim of his teaching was in general subordinate to his moral aim, and his religious teaching was chiefly reflective of the traditional beliefs. He had very few comments. Both intellectual knowledge and religious beliefs were, according to him, useless and not worth teaching if they could not contribute towards the betterment of the practical moral life of the individual. Again, we can recognize in this a balance of inner and outer refinement, with the outer values we showing themselves in social expressions-et always motivated by inner human spiritual development (and reflective of a person's true inner state.)

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Photo of Confucius Temple
Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple Confucius Temple


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