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Visit Routes of Fragrant Hill

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Various temples and scenic spots are scattered around the hill. Fragrant HillTourists usually take two routes to explore the whole park. For both routes, there is an Admission fee of 20 yuan at the East Gate.

The first choice is to go along the path northward and then turn left, where you will see Luminous Temple (Zhaomiao). Next to the Bright Temple is an elegant example of garden architecture: Studio of Tranquil Heart, down the path to the east, there is a clear lake. The lake, received its name, Spectacles Lake, because it is divided into two parts by a small bridge. Most tourists exit from the North Gate after they visit the Lake.

The other route goes to the southern part. Its main attractions include: Tranquility Green Lake, Shuangqing Villa, Ruins of Fragrant Temple, the Jade Flower Villa, the Ruins of Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) and Incense Burner Peak. This route is a harder one, but with more to see.

To the right of the North Gate, there is a cable station where tourists can take cables to the summit (Incense Burner Peak). It is well worth a half day visit to explore either route or you can just take a cable to the summit to appreciate the scenery of the park. Fragrant Hills Hotel next to the Tranquility Green Lake offers standard accommodations and food.

Beijing Tour Routes Includes Fragrant Hill:
BD-13. Fragrant Hill, Botanical Garden and Beijing Zoo

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