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Grand View Garden Beijing

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The Grand View Garden is located in the southwest corner of Beijing, on Nan Cai Yuan Street to the southwest of
Tian'anmen Square.

Grand View GardenGrand View Garden is a contemporary construction, based on a very well known Chinese novel called " The Dream of the Red Mansions" , written in the mid - eighteenth century.
It is a large greenery garden dotted with pavilions, halls, temples and miniature gardens with a total of 125,000 square meters. The layout is exactly like that described in the novel. If lucky, you will have chance to see traditional ceremonies performed in the garden, always a fascinating sight.

The most interesting points to visit in the park are the Enjoyment Red Hall, with its beautiful and colourful paintings, the quiet and graceful Xiaoxiang Hall, the Fragrant Rice Village, the Fragrant Lotus Pavilion, the Reed Snow Temple, and the Green Hill Garden. Performances are given at the Xingqinxing Hall, which is also an attraction.

During the Spring Festival every year, a gala party is held in the Garden to see in the Lunar New Year, at which the grand ceremony of "Lady Jia, the Imperial Concubine Visiting her Relatives Back Home" is rehearsed

" The Dream of the Red Mansions" is considered to be the best to have been written during the Qing Dynasty and is rated as one of the four great classics of Chinese literature. Covering an area of 125,000 square meters, this classical garden has twelve distinct scenic spots and a total of forty attractions. More information...

About the novel
According to the novel , Grand View Garden was the residence of the wealthy Jia family. The leading male character of the novel was Baoyu. He and his two cousins and some other family members shared the home. The tragic love affairs among the three characters was the result of the feudal society. This amorous and sensitive couple are China's Romeo and Juliet. More information...

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Grand View GardenGrand View GardenGrand View GardenGrand View GardenGrand View Garden

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