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Beacon Fire Site

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Badaling Great Wall
Beacon Fire Site were known by a score of names: feng sui, feng tai, yan dun, lang yan tai, ting, sui, etc. They were known as ting or sui or ting sui during the Han Dynasty. In the Tang and Song dynasties they came to be called feng tai. But they were known as yan dun or duntai in the Ming Dynasty.

Announcing the f unction of Beacon Fire Site:
Beacon fire site is a place to make smoke or fire as signal to warn people of enemy attack during day or night. It is said that using dung of wolf to make smoke, the smoke can remain in the sky for a very long time. Discover More ...

Discover the architecture of beacon fire site:
Beacon Fire Site is an independent high platform, with attached houses and facilities to make smoke or start fire, either on top or below the raised platform. Underneath the platform is the sleeping quarter for soldiers, stable and warehouse. The building materials and the structure of beacon fire site are the same as for other defence works. They are either built of stones or rammed earth or bricks and stones.Discover More...

Announcing network and provisions of beacon fire site
Beacon fire site is a very important defence installation of the Great Wall, forming itself into a complete network at early stage. Definite provisions have been laid down governing the selection of site, architectural form and the making of smoke or fire. The book "WuJing Zong Yao" written by Zeng Gongliang of the Song Dynasty, has a detailed account, in which he quoted Tang Dynasty beacon fire system and referred to a passage from chapter "Shou Ju Fa" in the book "Tong Dian" by Duyou of Tang Dynasty. Discover More...

Beacon Fire Site of different dynasties
On account of the importance of military intelligence beacon fire sites were strictly managed during each dynasty. Soldiers of the beacon fire sites were not allowed to leave the site without permission for fear of failing to send military intelligence. Discover More...

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