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Four Study Halls

-of Lama Temple Beijing

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On either side of the courtyard of Lama Temple are four subsidiary halls devoted to the lama's studies of specialized subjects:

  • medicine in the Medicine Hall;
  • mathematics in the Mathematics Hall;
  • esoteric in the Esoteric Hall;
  • Buddhist philosophy in theExoteric Hall.

Twenty-six students of Tibetan and Mongolian nationalities were sent from Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Liaoning. They came to study at yonghegong Lamasery in spring, 1981 and have taken part in Buddhist ceremonies. The youngest was 20 years old and the oldest 34. They all came from Buddhist families.

  • The courses are: Tibetan language , the religious discipline of the Yellow Sect, the traditional sutras and religious rituals. Half of their time is spent in classroom studies and the rest in services in the compound. They follow monastic discipline and are expected to become successors to the elder lamas staffing the temple at present.

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