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Chengde is a historical and culture city, which lies in the northeast of Hebei Province. Photo of Chengde Mountain ResortSituated in the basin on the west bank of Wulie River and at the foot of Yanshan Moutain, Chengde has an area of 4,471 square kilometers and a population of 88.5 million. Surrounded by mountains, it is boarding upon Inner Mongolia and Liaoning Province and very close to Beijing, the capital city of China. It is a communication hub, which connected central China and Chinas northeast region together.

Chengde has not only the advantage of tourism but also good geographical position and rich natural resources, which provide advantages for the development of economy. Although Chengde is a developing region, the economy in Chengde has been developed fast and gradually a characteristic economy frame has been constructed under the policy of reform and opening-up. Mineral deposits of Chengde include coal, iron, copper, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, fluorite, and Iceland spar. The output of Iceland spar ranks the highest in China. The major crops include corn, rice, soybean, grain sorghum and so on. It also has advanced winemaking technology, the famous liquor like Jiulongzui and Shanzhuanglaojiu are all in high quality. The Chengde Lulu (a drink made with almond) is well known in China and has been exported to many other counties. The apple and hawthorn products are also very good. In a word, you cannot only enjoy the beautiful view but also can taste the delicious local food and product in the charming city. The simple and hospitable Chengde People welcome all the visitors both home and overseas.

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Eight Outer Monasteries, Temple of Potaraka Doctrine, Temple of Universal Peace, Jinshanling Great Wall, Mountain
Resort, Mulan Hunting Ground

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