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Mt. Huashan Huashan Mountain

Mt. Huashan, also called "the Great West Mountain" in the past, is one of China's five sacred mountains. photo of Mountain HuaIt is the tallest among the five great mountains. The mountain flanked by the Yuntai (Cloud Terrace) and Yunu (Jade Maiden) peaks and fronting thirty-six minor peaks, has peculiar peaks, strange rocks, seas of clouds, purling springs as well as flying waterfalls. It is one of the famous mountains as well as a very beautiful scenic spot of China.It takes usually 24 hours to visit all the five peaks on foot, but only five to six hours if one takes the ropeway. If you wish to watch the sun rising on East Peak, you had better start at night. After four to six hours' walk, you will arrive at the very top of the mountain and can enjoy the impressive sun rising.

Mt. Huashan is located to the south of Huayin County, 120 kilometres east of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. With an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, the mountain overlooks the Huanghe River and the Weishui River in the north and links with the Qinling Mountains to the south.

Main Peaks

Mt. Huashan is formed of a piece of huge and complete granite. Its history dates back to 2.7 billion years. In ancient times, Mt. Huashan was called Mt. Taihuashan. Seen from afar, the five peaks looks like five petals of a flower. Hence its name, Mt. Huashan (= five flowers). More information...

Interests and Scenic Spots

Mt. Huashan boasts two hundred and ten famous places of interest and scenic spots. Temples and pavilions can be found every where. Owing to its peculiar lie the mountain has its own style of architecture. Many towers, caves and stone steps are built according to local conditions. More information...

service facilities
In recent years, the basic construction of Mt.Huashan has developed rapidly.
In past, there was only one path leading to Mt.Huashan. Now, two new high ways up to the mountain have been opened. Mt. Huashan cable cars to the North Peak were finished.
A series of service facilities were established both on the top and at the foot of the mountain, including the Huashan Hotel, the Jinrong (finance) hotel, the Li Hua Ping Hotel and the Beifeng Restaurant. As well, one might can be refreshed in the restaurants on Qingke Stand, South Peak and North Peak as well as in temples, big or small. An electric and telephone circuit has been set up throughout the mountain.
The shops are mostly at the foot of the mountain, where one can rent walking sticks, gym shoes, warm clothes, electric torches and so on.
in Huangfuyu, two kilometers east of Yuquan there is an 8-kilometer-long cement road which leads to Wamiaogou. Then one can take the ropeway straight to North Peak, which takes only seven to eight minutes. Every year one can take advantage of the best visiting times through May to October.

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Photo ot Mt.Huashan
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