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Xian Night Market

Xian Night Market (1st photo)

Chinatravelkey can add Xian night market on the following Xian Tour Routes
XD-1. Xian Terracotta Army one day tour
XD-2. Xian One Day City Tour
XD-3. 1 day tour of Terracotta Army Huaqing Hotspring
XD-4. Xian Day Tour of Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Monastery
XD-5. Private One Day Xian Tour of Mountain Hua Mt.Hua

XH-1. Xian 2 Days Private Tour of Terracotta Warriors including Hotel
XH-2. 3 days Xian Package tour
XH-3. 4 days Xian Terracotta Army tour
XH-4. 4 days Terracotta Army and Qianling Mausoleum
XH-5. 4 days Tour Terracotta Army & Famen Temple
XH-6. 4 days Tour Terracotta Army & Mountain Hua
XH-7. 6 days Xian Complete tour

XK-1. 2 days Xian private tour of Terracotta Army
XK-2. 3 days Xian typical tour
XK-3. 4 days Xian tour of Terracotta Army
XK-4. 4 days Xian tour of Terracotta Warriors, Xianyang Terracotta Museum
XK-5. 4 days Xian tour of Terracotta Warriors, Famen Temple
XK-6. 4 days Xian tour of Terracotta Warrior and Mt. Hua

XK-7. Xian 6 Days Complete Tour

XABJ-1. 6 days Xian Beijing Tour
7 days Xian Shanghai tour
XADH-1. 5 days Xian Dunhuang tour
XAGL-1. 5 days Xian Guilin tour
XASX-1. 5 days Xian Taiyuan Pingyao tour
XALH-1. 7 day Xian Lhasa tour
XAHN-1. 7 days Xian Luoyang Tour

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