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Experience in building

-- the Great Wall

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Experience in choosing the terrain

Stress is made on the choice of terrain in constructing mountain pass, beacon fire site, smoke-making platform and castle in order to gain strategy and save manpower and materials.

This is called a way to utilize terrain and build massive fortification, mountain pass and beacon tower in strategic places. It is entirely in keeping with the principles of military science. Discover more...

Experience in using available materials

"To suit local conditions and use locally available materials" -- this is an experience gained in the course of construction. Since there are mountains, cliffs, deserts, loess regions, etc. a vast amount of materials are to be used. To avoid costly transport over long distances,builders and strategists mainly use earth and stone before using bricks. Discover more...

Experience in cooperating
Different groups responsible for construction of different sections of the wall. The construction of the Great Wall was by different groups of men held responsible for a certain section. The responsibility was clear and so was the work assignment, yielding excellent result. Discover more...

  • Announcing the evidence of the experience
    A stone tablet giving an account of the construction project at Badaling during 1582A.D. or tenth reigning year of Wan Li says:
    Lu Wenyuan assumed command over the project from Juyongguan Pass to Shifosi, measuring 75 zhang and 2 chi long. A stone arched gate had been built. Discover more..

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