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Hutong name and Beijing history

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Discover the relation between Hutong name and Beijing history Beijing Hutong

Beijings history is preserved in the names of its hutong. Some retain the name of some famous persons who once lived there, such as Yongkang Liang. Others are named after well-known craftsmen or shops, such as doufu Chen Hutong for a bean curd seller named Chen, and Fenfang Liu Jia for the home of a maker of bean vermicelli Liu. There are also lanes with names like Jinyu (Goldfish), Dengcao (Light Rush), and Shoupa (Handkerchief). Generally speaking, when one of the winding Hutong makes a major turn, it takes on a new name.

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Beijing Hutong Photo
Beijing Hutong PhotoBeijing Hutong PhotoBeijing Hutong PhotoBeijing Hutong Photo

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