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Precious Treasure of Dingling

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Announcing the Precious Treasure of Dingling

Sacred Way\In addition to the underground palace and coffins, more than 3000 pieces of precious treasure were unearthed, and are on display in the exhibition halls today. They include gold plates, basins, cups, bowls and spoons of various sizes for the emperor. Gold and silver ingots are marked with the date of making and it weight and some even bear the name of the madders and the supervising officials.

  • Golden crown and phoenix crowns
    The most valuable of the tombs treasures are the golden crown and four phoenix crowns for the emperor and the empresses. The golden crown was the emperors imperial crown. It was made of very fine gold filaments and decorated in the back with tow dragons sporting with a pearl. The phoenix crowns were worn by the Empresses at grand ceremonies. Each crown was inlaid with 5000 pearls of different sizes and more than a hundred precious stone, which were bought from sri Lanka and India.

Apart from the gold and silver articles, a large amount of porcelain, jade, cloth and silk fabrics were found in the tomb. The emperors dragon robe was embroidered with 12 dragons, each different from the other in design. The one-hundred-boy gown was for the empresses. All these archaeological finds represent the excellent and exquisite craftsmanship of the Ming Dynasty.

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Photo of Ming Tombs
Ming Tombs PhotoMing Tombs PhotoMing Tombs PhotoMing Tombs PhotoMing Tombs Photo

Photo of Sacred Way
Sacred Way\
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