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Chairman Maos Mausoleum

-in the Tian'anmen Square
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Discover Chairman Maos Mausoleum

Tiananmen SquareChairman MaoZedong, the founder of the Peoples Republic of China, passed away on September 9, 1976. In commemoration of this great man, a mausoleum began to be constructed in November 1976, and was completed in August the following year. The Mausoleum was officially opened on September 9,1977.

The Mausoleum is surrounded by four groups of sculpture.

  • East of the northern entrance is the sculpture depicting the period of the New Democratic Revolution (19191949).
  • The west one signify the great achievements of the Chinese people during the period of socialist revolution and construction since 1949.
  • The sculptures in front of the southern gate are figures of workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals, technicians and children.

Inside the Mausoleum are three main sections:

  • A white marble statue of Chairman Mao is mounted on a platform in the front lobby. On the wall behind the statue is 24-metre-long (79-foot-long) tapestry fine needlepoint work with beautiful landscapes of the country.
  • In the main hall there is a crystal coffin, in which Chairman Maos body lies stately with the communist Party's flag covering over him. On the wall of the southern lobby, a poem by Chairman Mao and in his own calligraphy is inscribed in gold inlay. It expresses his full great expectations for the country.



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