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Mountain Resort

Mountain Resort is located at Mountain Resort Chengde City, Hebei Province. It is the largest imperial garden existing in the world today with a total area of 564 square kilometers, and is twice as large as the Summer Palace in Beijing. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it used to be a summer resort and hunting ground for emperors.

Mountain Resort can be divided into two parts: palace quarter and scenery quarter.
The palace quarter is made up of the Main Palace, Pine-Crane Hall, Pine Soughing Valley and East Palace, over 120 groups of ancient architecture. The architectural style here is very unique, its black bricks and gray tiles, rock steps and the cute courtyard instead of splendor in most Palaces in China. The Qing emperors used the palace to organize martial art competitions, receiving the elite of ethnic minority groups from around China and dealt with some government affairs.

The scenery quarter has been taken over by lakes, hills, and plain. The lake zone has nine lakes (Half-moon Lake, Mirror Lake, Silver Lake, Inner Lake and others) and ten islands. The Pine-cloud Valley, the Pear Valley, the Pine Valley and the Filbert Valley composed the Hill Zone, you can enjoy comfortable cool here in summer. Going north, there is a plain, which use its simplicity and placidity attract visitors.

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