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Marco Polo Bridge Beijing

-- Lugou Bridge

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Marco Polo Bridge, also known as Lugou bridge, is located in the southwest suburbs of Beijing, about 15 kilometers away from downtown. The Bridge is situated at a strategic point on the one overland route to the capital from the south. It is one of earliest segmented stone arch bridge. This bridge was recorded in the travelogue of Marco Polo, an Italian professional traveler who went all the way to China during the Yuan Dynasty (1271--1368).

Marco bridge was described by poets as a place where people would send off their beloved ones, or friends. The best time to visit it is at dawn, when a Morning Moon is hanging over the sky. In ancient times the bridge was renowned for its spectacular views of the moon during the Mid-autumn Festival. In the Mingchang period (1190-1208) of the Jin dynasty, the bridge was listed into the "Eight Scenic Spots of Yanjing (Beijing)" under the title "Lugou Xiaoyue" (Morning Moon Over Lugou Bridge), which has remained throughout the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. A Stone Tablet with an inscription by the Qing Emperor, Qianlong, says "Morning Moon Over Lougou Bridge" still stands at one end of the Bridge.

The marble bridge has eleven arches, and measures 266.5 meters long and 7.5 meters wide. Most fascinating is that every baluster is carved on top with a lion in different shape and expression. According to the survey in 1961 by the Beijing Cultural Relics Administration, there were 486 lions of various size in total: 281 bigger lions on top of the balusters plus 198 smaller lions on their bodies. More information...

Originally it was built in 1193, during the Jin Dynasty, and was reconstructed several times in the following dynasties. Marco bridge is a commemorate place in the Chinese people' war against Japanese aggression. More information...

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