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Prince Gong's Mansion

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Prince Gong's Mansion is located at No. 17 Qianhai Xijie, Xicheng district, on the western shore of Shichahai Lake, to the northwest of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Prince Gong Mansion

Prince Gong's Mansion is one of the few intact aristocratic residences from the Qing Dynasty. Besides the residence there is also a large garden. It is now entering another stage in its history. It is currently being transformed into a national museum supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Layout and Architecture
The princes' mansions were built with walled flower gardens. It is ingeniously constructed with complementary buildings and terraces, well spaced vegetation and hill paths that wind their way around pool and tranquil grottos. It is an exquisite combination of classical Chinese architecture and tasteful landscape. Princes Gong' mansion is composed of three complexes of buildings: central, eastern and western. More information...

The mansion was built in 1777. Formerly, it is the private residence of He Shen, a favorite minister of Qianlong during the Qing (1736-1796). Heshen (1750-1799), the infamous Manchu official. Later, this mansion was bestowed upon Prince Gong by Emperor Xianfeng (1851 - 1862) hence the name "Prince Gong's Mansion" or "Prince Gong's Palace". More information...

The garden in Prince Gong's Mansion is named Cuijin, meaning " concentrated cream of the most beautiful flowers". The rear section of the garden has a multi-leveled artificial hill built of Lake Tai stones. Another lofty building contributing to the fame of the mansion is the theatre. More information...

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Prince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' MansionPrince Gong' Mansion



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