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Huangyaguan Pass of the Great Wall

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Huangyaguan Pass of the Great Wall was an important pass under the Jizhou fortressed town in the Ming Dynasty, lying 20 km northeast of Jixian county, Tianjin. The precipitous cliff called Huangya is in a strategic position, with the Great Wall winding its way across mountains and ridges. Built in the early years of the Ming Dynasty it was completed only by Qi Jiguang, commander of Jizhou fortressed town in the reigning years of Long Qing.

Huangyaguan Pass of the Great Wall has certain special features in structure. Stone slabs, bricks and stones faced with bricks have been used. Watchtowers are rectangular, round in shape, also built with the same materials. It is a section of the Great Wall much to be valued. The layout of the architecture is unique. Within the mountain pass city wall we can find a network of T-Shaped road junctions or crooked ruler so that when the enemy enters into the city he can hardly find his way. The entangled paths are an outstanding piece of defence engineering work. Huangyaguan Pass of the Great Wall, however, has been even more badly damaged than other sections.

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